Creating a supplement brand is not an easy task; the matter of the fact is that transforming anything into a brand is not at all easy. However, when it comes to creating a supplement brand, the best way is to hire a private label manufacturer and leave the hassle of spending hugely on setting up a processing plant. Though, hiring a private label can also be a tricky task and you need to keep a number of things in mind to make it a successful venture or even reach a breakeven. Let us look at some of the points that will help you in creating a successful partnership with your OEM.

Amateurs Need Experience

The first and foremost is that you need to understand the basics of supplements because health supplements are created with very precise formula’s that is created by a microbiologist. The most pertinent option would be to study the product that you wish to outsource and research about your competitors. The research will help you in learning about the core of your product and will give you a better understanding of the strategy as well that is being used by your competitors. This is the same principle people use while selecting a franchisee as nothing can replace on ground experience which only comes with time.

The First Checkpoints

The first checkpoint that you need to be wary of is the pricing. The steps are very simple, you start looking out for the best private label supplement manufacturers and then shortlist 2-3 from the lot. The next step would be to choose one of them and tell them about the product and the quantity you need for the products and get a quotation. The next step would be to visit other private label manufacturers and get a quotation from them as well to get the best price possible. Though, you cannot discuss the pricing with the other manufacturers, this step will help you in understanding of the pricing and the quality you are getting in that price.

Minimum Order Quantity

This is a relatively easy point to understand than the rest and can be defined very simply i.e. the higher the order quantity, the lesser price you have to pay for each product. In this regard as well you need to speak with different private label manufacturers to understand their moq’s and what are you getting in the same price from other manufacturers.

Evaluation is Vital

This step comes when finally you have given the go ahead for your formula to be converted and created into a consumable product. The first evaluation of any food product is called sensory evaluation. In layman words, sensory evaluation means evaluating the product by using the first of or senses i.e. smelling, tasting, touching and finally checking its solubility after getting mixed with the water. You need to check if the fragrance is tempting, the taste and if there are any sorts of side effects after consuming the product.

Clear Your Doubts

There are a number of things that might create doubts in your mind but the most vital of all is the final product that you will be selling to your customers. If you think that the product that has been created by a private label manufacturer doesn’t meet your qualitative standard or you think that he has not put the things that he is claiming then you could take a sample of the product and get it evaluated by your choice of micro biologist or an NABL lab. It all depends upon the accreditation that the lab shares because a lab which has the highest level of recognition can get you the most transparent results possible.

Packaging Matters

If you have ever seen a health supplement box or a protein supplement jar then you might have already noticed the glossy packaging that they share. Please note that you are trying to create a brand and this is the first time that you will introduce the product in the market, so focus on designing of the product. Make sure every detail that is written on the product matches with the formula, for ex. When a manufacturer claims about the protein count in a certain product, he is not giving you the exact amount that will be left after adding artificial flavours and sweeteners.

Further, you also need to check that the labels created for your brand are scratch less and are of the same quality as other leading brands in the health supplement industry.

Marketing is Key

You need to understand that you will need all the help to get your product visible in the market. It means that you need to create a social media presence for your product and also take the help of digital marketing tools to widen the reach. Also, try to sell your product on every e-commerce channel and also keep a low pricing to attract more consumers. Things can only move if people will try your product and compare with the products that they were consuming, keeping a low price will make them remind your brand and make the situation a win-win for all.