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Logistics Officer



The Junior Logistics Officer is responsible for various tasks concerning purchase, follow up, and managing the stock. Working closely with the Logistics manager the junior Logistics Officer is instrumental in supporting program activities through his/her services. He/She has a big responsibility in everything related to distribution, household visits, and facilitating the procurement activities in the field. Reporting is an essential task that needs to be performed in all logistics related responsibilities.

General duties and responsibilities:

  1. Monitor the receipt, storage, loading and dispatch of stock/goods to warehouses and that they conform to the specifications as ordered
  2. Maintaining warehouse documentation in an orderly and systematic filing system.
  3. Informs the Logistic Officer of any discrepancy in the accounting for the stock held.
  4. Properly Record and tag all assets and inventory old and new in line with policies and procedures.
  5. Ensure that all vehicles have log books, and that all drivers or staff with driving privileges are filling them every journey
  6. Managing everything related to guards (location, schedule…)
  7. Maintain administrative vehicle files for each vehicle.
  8. Schedule vehicle use to meet programmatic and operational needs.
  9. Perform some IT related tasks
  10. Monitor the enumeration team and organize their schedule
  11. Take care of everything related to purchasing.
  12. Forecast and purchase spare parts and all other materiel or tools related to the maintenance of the equipment and premises.
  13. Follow up cars movements and drivers
  14. Calculate and follow up the monthly consumption of each vehicle, generators (fuel, oil).
  15. Assure the filing and archiving of the daily logistics documentation and other requests.
  16. Check that purchase order forms are filled properly.
  17. Ensure that purchase procedures (Purchase Order form, Quotation) are respected.
  18. Check that advances given for the purchases are justified by invoices and proper purchase documents
  19. Plan and perform household visits
  20. Organize the transports of goods to the distribution
  21. Perform the distribution of core relief items
  22. Delivering working tasks in a structured and professional manner
  23. Meeting deadlines
  24. Flexible and with the ability to adjust to changes and new requirements
  25. Communication with respect towards beneficiaries and colleagues
  26. Knowledge of the refugee situation in Lebanon
  27. Computer literacy with demonstrated experience in utilization of software/ database
  28. Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint in particular
  29. Well-developed organizational and planning skills
  30. Good reporting skills
  31. Dynamic and ability to work under pressure
Salary : 15000 to 18000 CTC per Month
Education : B.A, & M.B.A (Operations)

Experience: 01 to 03 years