In layman words, dietary supplement contract manufacturing is no different than outsourcing the manufacturing of a product to a private label manufacturer. However, dietary supplement manufacturing is divided into two major parts which are branched to a single core but still are poles apart from each other. Let us clear some doubts about how being part of the same process, there are two parts of dietary supplement contract manufacturing that you need to understand.

Clear the Basics

The basics are very simple; any product that helps you increase or decrease the nutritional value in your diet is a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements are ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes. Dietary supplements are created in forms such as tablets, capsules, soft gels, gel caps, powders, and liquids.

For ex: You might have heard of tablets that increase your nutritional intake and vitamin capsules that give you the specific vitamin or mineral that you wish to increase in your diet.

Every Manufacturer is Different

Here, we are specifically discussing about the dietary supplement contract manufacturers and as mentioned above, these supplements are created in various forms and every form requires a different plant. If we just talk about the powder part then please note that most of the protein supplements are created in a powdered processed form and are sourced from cow’s milk. However, if we talk about most of the gels, then these gels are procured from animal collagens such as fish, etc. and the plant that is required to create this is also very different than a whey processing plant. If we talk about creating dietary supplements in the form of tablets and capsules then again the expertise required to create this is also very different.

Choose the Best

The above sub heading does not quote a rather generic term that you should choose the best private label manufacturer for outsourcing your product but that manufacturer should be specifically working on creating the health supplement in the form that you require. You cannot just outsource a tablet based dietary supplement to a whey processing manufacturer as he/she won’t be sharing the same expertise as a person who has already spent time on creating a tablet based supplement.


You would need all the items to be fabricated with a mechanized process set by the innovative team who should works relentlessly to review and calculate to incorporate the best health supplements. While keeping the suitability and properties of the arrangements intact, Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer should consider the subtleties, and afterward, they are investigated at various levels by the examination group. The cultivated specialists of the R&D team of your OEM works based on the latest methods and unmistakable strategies to uncover the best health solutions for the end-user.

To make fascinating and successful formulas of nutraceutical supplements, your dietary supplement contract manufacturer should focus to transform itself into a pioneer among all other Nutritional Supplements Manufacturers in India from the health and nutrition industry. The things arranged under the excellent production unit of your OEM should be made with the latest up-gradation as per the industry standards. One of the indispensable highlights of the achievements of a suitable Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer should be the responsibility to offer the best wellbeing and nutrition supplements at the best price for the end-user. It is a continuous test to meet while keeping the principles and conditions unblemished.

You Need Automation

For complete quality affirmation in the in-line production measures, an automated arrangement of checks to evaluate those nuances is incorporated in the cycle. In case of any negligence found, the production line should be meddled by the tech lead and the process keeps on taking things forward in a fitting way. To transform into an authentic Supplement Contract Manufacturer of India, relentless dedication and limitless undertakings should be endeavoured by your OEM. Also, it should emerge as a group to consolidate extreme quality norms in the manufacturing cycle.

End Note

There are other very important things that you need to keep in mind such as check the formula that is given by your dietary supplement contract manufacturer with a micro biologist of your own and also get the sample checked with your choice of lab to clear all of the doubts. You can also evaluate the product with the basic sensory evaluations and then send it for further assessment. Money plays a really vital role in this affair and remember to not to pay the full amount to the manufacturer and start with just 30-40% of the total amount. Next is to check the labelling on your product by conducting a scratch test to check if your label can take the struggle of moving from one place to another. These are a few points that you need to keep in mind while choosing a suitable dietary supplement contract manufacturer.