Nutriwell Laboratories is among India's trustworthy Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer, set up in Ambala, Punjab. With a dream to provide the best quality wellbeing and health products for the finest Nutrition brands across the domestic market, Nutriwell Laboratories have curated research centers, wherein consistent and reliable things are created by one of the significant Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer in India.

Mission and Vision

With the high-class infrastructure and concentrated manufacturing ability, the best quality health and nutraceutical solutions/products are defined to meet the necessities expected by the client. The quality normalization of the gathering unit is top-notch by the game plan of rules required by the predefined health experts/supplement specialists. A significant part of the major Indian brands from the healthcare industry relies on Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer, Nutriwell Laboratories. To transform into the most grounded and reliable protein, gainers, and health support supplements for the nutraceutical industry, Nutriwell Laboratories has gained an extensive base of acceptance from a local Whey Protein manufacturer to a leading Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer of India.

Various Indian Whey Protein brands are ceaselessly managing a grouping of collecting methods and quality principles. Out of those shortlisted ones, the refined nutrition and health experts of Nutriwell Laboratories prepare inventive formulations, given the necessities of the end clients, recorded by the brand. The in-house testing group of Nutriwell Laboratories devotes a lot of time and effort to think about the predefined necessities required by the fitness enthusiasts/ users and those techniques must be in a condition of amicability with the defined methodology of the business. The precise cycle followed by the Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer is considered to dominate the quality norms by offering the best supplements to the client.

Quality Standards

The a-list manufacturing unit of Nutriwell Laboratories is in complete agreement with the defined rules of GMP and ISO standards. Through the example of evaluating and assertion, the experienced personnel guarantee that they don't slack in any of the industry or manufacturing regulations. During the assembling cycle, the specialized designers and production line managers ensure vigilant practices are followed with extreme consideration, to keep the quality standards in-sync. Nutriwell Laboratories’ production unit is known for being one of the progressive Nutritional Supplements Manufacturers in India, as it has guaranteed quality principles for the eminent Whey Protein supplement brands all over India that adhere to FSSAI quality level.

Beginning from the testing method, the outcome further prompts the advancement of assembling until the result is refined. Right when the manufacturing cycle is finished, the way toward labeling begins; this is also an important part of the assembling cycle. For accuracy in the minor but essential nuances given by the client, a quality-check is allotted at various levels to ensure match up to the quality level. For example, visual appeal and printed revelations are cross-checked and tried at different levels to fix any mistake. Any minor mix-up may cause damage to the branding and might land up causing legitimate issues, name claims being an eminent Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer. Hence, reasonable standards are followed up to keep away from any of the above assembling issues.

Nutriwell Laboratories Verticals:

Nutriwell Laboratories Research

For all the items to be fabricated, a mechanized process has been set by the innovative team who works relentlessly to review and calculate to incorporate the best health supplements. While keeping the suitability and properties of the arrangements intact, Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer, Nutriwell considers the subtleties, and afterward, they are investigated at various levels by the examination group. To transform into the most trusted Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer, the cultivated specialists of the R&D team Of Nutriwell work based on the latest methods and unmistakable strategies to uncover the best health solutions for the end-user.

Nutriwell Laboratories Nutraceuticals

To be among the fundamental Nutritional Supplements Manufacturers, Nutriwell Laboratories is known for driving the most ideal approach to manage wonderful formulas of nutrition and nutraceutical things simultaneously with the other Nutritional Supplements Manufacturers in India. With an exceptional commitment towards quality affirmation, Nutriwell Laboratories is curating a strategy for front line advancement for clients/ Nutrition brands. All the plans made under the assembling processing of Nutriwell are designed by the professionally trained staff. For flawlessness to gain ultimate product results, there are esteemed Nutritional Supplements Manufacturers in India who are not yet successful like Nutriwell Laboratories that has achieved in its production technique as all the procedures comply with the FSSAI standards.

Nutriwell Laboratories Sports Nutrition

This is one of the significant categories of health supplements that Nutriwell Laboratories have been formulating for different supplement brands related to health and fitness brands. Strategies of Nutrition and wellbeing supplements are systematically planned according to the security and quality measures by the trusted Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer, Nutriwell Laboratories. It is considered among a few noticeable Nutritional Supplements Manufacturers in north India, for putting forth attempts 24x7 for the nutrition brands to draw out the best scope for nutraceutical supplements. To develop the best items for the wellbeing supplement brands/clients, Nutriwell Laboratories remains modernized to accomplish top-notch quality standards. One of the critical Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer, Nutriwell Laboratories' trained group of experts has been able to sustain the quality and client assurance at the same time in all the wellbeing and nutraceutical products manufactured.


With an expanding client base, Nutriwell Laboratories finally drove the way to become a successful Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer among a couple of best in India. By following the characterized strategies that are given as per the contract based manufacturing. By following each minor detail, the processing is shaped for each brand. The quality authentication and security standards are never compromised at any cost, that is what makes Nutriwell a real Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer of India. Muscle Fiber, VLCC Wellscience, Volt Nutrition, Bodypower India, Absolute Nutrition, Nuline Nutrition are some of the popular nutrition brands that have been associated with Nutriwell Laboratories for a long time now.

Discovery and Innovation:

To make fascinating and successful formulas of nutraceutical supplements, Nutriwell Laboratories is focusing to transform into a pioneer among all other Nutritional Supplements Manufacturers in India from the health and nutrition industry. The things arranged under the excellent production unit of Nutriwell Laboratories are made with the latest up-gradation as per the industry standards. One of the indispensable highlights of the achievements of this renowned Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer is the responsibility to offer the best wellbeing and nutrition supplements at the best price for the end-user. It is a continuous test to meet while keeping the principles and conditions unblemished.

Supplement Categories Manufactured:

Nutriwell Laboratories is one of India's first rated Nutritional Supplements Manufacturers in north India, with an immensely talented and experienced team. Nutriwell Laboratories guarantees an extraordinarily arranged and refreshed manufacturing unit to maintain the effective methods as demonstrated by the client. Being among the famous Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer in India, Nutriwell Laboratories offer a wide extent of nutrition and medical services that includes Whey Protein supplements, Weight Gainers, Workout supplements, Fat loss supplements, Health support formulas and more. Considering the fundamentals offered by the specific wellbeing brand/client, the execution of production occurs for each brand, based upon the needs set by the individual requirement of the client. In any case, the key normalization of the production unit is guaranteed by the whole Nutriwell laboratories team.