Nutriwell Laboratories, a trusted Manufacturing Plant

Nutriwell Laboratories is one of India's most trusted contract manufacturer of health and nutraceutical solutions, works totally in consistence with the specified security norms given by the authorities. It is one of the significant whey protein manufacturing plants in India that comes up with the best wellbeing and health supplements for their customers. In addition to this, currently, it is considered to be among a couple of leading whey protein manufacturing plants in India.

Highly equipped procedures for manufacturing

Nutriwell Laboratories is a prominent whey protein manufacturing plant in India with a large assembling unit, situated in Ambala, Punjab. Over 200+ manpower supports this process with the utmost quality and precision. With an expert and experienced group of professionals, the execution of assembling is dealt with quality standards intact.

The vision of Nutriwell Laboratories is to provide the best possible solutions related to the health and wellness of the customers. Based on the list of requirements of the third party, the manufacturing standards are customized. The administration of Nutriwell research centers is well-versed about the dynamic difficulties and consequently remains updated with the profoundly prepared equipment and hardware. From a dependable contract manufacturer of Nutraceutical and wellness supplements, Nutriwell Laboratories has now become the most genuine whey protein manufacturing plant in India.

Variety of supplements Nutriwell Laboratories offers:

Nutriwell Laboratories is consistently striving towards the top-notch product quality with the normalized quality measures suggested by the specialists to fabricate countless health and nutraceutical supplements. With a wide scope of sports nutrition supplements, it is rising as one of the biggest Whey Protein manufacturing plant in India. Furthermore, offers excellent nutraceutical products made by a group of experts at Nutriwell Laboratories.

All the health & nutrition-based items are made by the most authentic Whey Protein manufacturing plant in India. Nutriwell Laboratories can be listed into the following classifications:

The products manufactured by the authentic protein powder supplier in India, Nutriwell Laboratories can be classified into the following categories:

- Protein Supplements

The protein arrangements made by the trained professionals at the manufacturing unit are according to the list of requirements and rules given by the client. Also, the nutrition experts who curate the solutions guarantee that the enhancements are in-accordance with the recorded models allotted by the third party. Being a pioneer Whey protein manufacturing plant in India, Nutriwell Laboratories guarantees the process followed for every respective client or nutrition brand is at par with the ISO and GMP norms.

For complete quality confirmation in the in-line manufacturing unity, accomplished and proficient checks are ensured during the cycle so that the client’s expectations are matched. In case of any doubt regarding the negligence during the manufacturing process, the production line remains interrupted until they find a solution for it. To become a reliable whey protein manufacturing plant in India, there is consistent commitment and endless endeavors to develop quality that Nutriwell Laboratories and its dedicated team keep on working towards effortlessly.

With an assortment of protein supplements dependent on Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate, the manufacturing process completely relies upon the mentioned quantity by the independent nutrition brand or client. Devising special considerations and proportions is something that researchers work upon as a responsible Whey protein manufacturing plant in India. With the help of experienced personnel, the team recommends the best nutrition-based solutions for the brands. A large section of the valued Nutrition Brands that have been associated with Nutriwell Laboratories as their world-class manufacturer, who has successfully become a reputed whey manufacturing unity in India with clients namely, Ultimate Nutrition, VLCC Wellscience, BodyPower, and more.

Coming up with unique inclusions and ratios is what scientists work upon as a genuine protein supplement supplier in India. With expert guidance, the team suggests the best innovative solutions to the management, which are further balanced out using different ingredients. Some of the famous Nutrition brands that consider and promote Nutriwell Laboratories as their trusted source of protein powder manufacturer in India are Ultimate Nutrition, Muscle Fiber, VLCC Wellscience, Volt, BodyPower, and many more.

- Mass Gainers

Mass Gainers are an exceptionally rich carbohydrates formula, formulated by the in-house team of nourishment experts, as per the criterion given by the client. These are prepared further by the manufacturing cycle, under the most trustworthy Whey Protein manufacturing plant in India, Nutriwell Laboratories. At the underlying level, the assemblages are tried and endorsed by experienced experts. The shortlisted ones are then checked according to the conditions referred by FSSAI to get into the assembling unit. The details created are suitable, exact, but also unique in their own. Innovation is a strong factor among all the equations delivered by Nutriwell Laboratories to its clients, hence client satisfaction remains the top-most priority. The high-energy containing rich carbohydrate ingredients formulated by the best whey protein manufacturing unit in India are tested and approved by the respective client first, as the quality and safety of the user matter the most. When the arrangement is concluded by the customer, the assembling cycle starts to happen. As of now, Nutriwell has a cross country clientage including the most popular Nutrition Brands that offer a wide variety of Mass Gaining supplements, proteins, and more.

- Pre / Intra/ Post workout supplements

To help multifaceted Health & fitness brands, Nutriwell Laboratories is well-equipped with an in-house R&D team, which keeps the manufacturing process updated as per the most recent advancements in the field of health and nutrition. With a top to bottom investigation dependent on different solutions and formulas are suggested and considered until then the right ones are shortlisted. Along with this, the title of being a world-class Whey protein manufacturing unit in India, Nutriwell Laboratories qualifies with another achievement in the long list of accolades. This is all due to the high-class manufacturing practices followed in the making of protein, gainers, and workout supplements. Today, practically all mainstream Nutrition brands guarantee that they offer Pre, Intra, and Post-workout drinks for fitness enthusiasts. For this, pre-exercise drinks containing L-arginine, L-Beta Alanine, Citrulline, and Creatine are required. This needs some investment and expertise of the experienced manufacturer until the designed plan is affirmed and tested on different levels starting from the maker to the customer's end. Only then the preparation of the manufacturing process starts.

Customer base:

Throughout the long term, Nutriwell Laboratories is working dedicatedly with different Nutrition and health brands from all over the nation. For a real Whey Protein manufacturing plant in India, advanced developments, and acknowledgment from the clients matters the most. Hence, the clientage of Nutriwell Laboratories is growing from the start. From famous Health & Nutrition brands to small emerging fitness brands, Nutriwell Laboratories is a proud whey protein manufacturer in India and expects to encompass a major section of the health industry in the upcoming years.